Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is Portland leading the way for Lake Oswego again?

To all COLA LO Members,

It now seems that Portland continues to show us what will happen in Lake Oswego.   

Over the weekend the Oregonian published an extensive article outlining the deterioration of streets in Portland.   Moreover the article shows that there are minimal plans for repaving streets in the city of roses. 

 In the article the Oregonian states:

The bureau has other priorities, such as $900,000 to build 13.5 miles of bike routes, $665,000 to add eight permanent employees to oversee streetcars, $200,000 for Rose Festival prep work and $15,000 to help sponsor a "Rail-Volution" conference in Los Angeles. Just last week, the City Council redirected $250,000 from the current transportation budget to buy fancy planters and streetlights for the downtown retail core.

As many community leaders know the Rail-Volution conference is a favorite of our current Mayor and council members who attend it regularly.    Often consulting with Portland Mayor Sam Adams and following his lead with directives from Metro and others.  

Ironically citizens are complaining extensively that Lake Oswego's streets are in declining in quality rapidly.   This is after the City has spent over $1 million on Streetcar and other related projects.   

 Its seems once again that the current administration is following in the footsteps of greater Portland. 

The insightful article on the problems with Portland can be found at:   Why Cant Portland Pave its Roads.

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.

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