Saturday, February 25, 2012

Citizens Challenge Planning Commission Member

To all COLA LO Members,

Citizens have begun to challenge the assertions of a planning commission member in a recent LO review article.   
Many in the community believe that by embracing the public access question both the planning commission and this administration have needlessly challenged the property rights of LO residents.  

In an online statement a resident writes:

"You, as Chair, should have quashed newbie Todd Prager's sortie into this in the beginning. If this goes forward, it is a huge expense for attorneys both at LO and LOC level. You heard from the Council that they do not want to pursue this. This particular subject has been driven top-down, contrary to the spin you are attempting. There are already thousands of households qualified (see the LOC website for map) to join an easement. Please admit the mistake and drop this inane effort that is outside the Planning Committee's charter (above). Land use, repeat, land use is your charter. We do not have extra money to spend on large law firms fighting this to the highest courts"

The lake access issue continues the ongoing concern within the community over the direction and priorities of the current administration.    Its of growing concern to citizens.  The original article and comments can be found at:   Lake Access

Another resident states:  

"Last quote of note from Gustafson is “For anyone concerned that this has been a top-down driven policy question, let me assure you it is not.” If you are buying that, there is this bridge I would like to sell you… Somehow citing the “citizen advisory committee” provides no comfort knowing the history of stacked decks in such “committees”.
If anybody is seeing large groups of Lake Oswego citizens campaigning for access to this private lake, would they please photograph the groups and publish the shots in the Review? I seemed to have missed the grass roots effort on this (as opposed to the “top-down” effort Gustafson assures us is not the case."

It seems citizens arent buying either the need for this issue or that it is not coming from the administration with a "green light".   Many are waitng to evaluate the planning commission meeting on the 27th.   

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