Friday, February 3, 2012

Online Comments from Citizen Shows McPherson Supported Jack Hoffman?

To All COLA LO Members,

It seems citizens are very interested in the candidacy of Greg Macpherson these days.   

A citizen actually took the initiative to look up the candidates contributions to various political organizations.   They posted it on the previously mentioned blog.  

The big surprise according to the citizen was Greg Macpherson's contribution to Jack Hoffman's campaign.  

The details can be found in this link:  Macpherson Political Contributions.   

The comments from the citizen were:

Got it! Thanks Ben for encouraging my research. I went to ORESTAR and looked under Transaction Search. I entered Greg MacPherson's name as a Contributor/Payee, and, there are the campaigns and politicians he has been involved with in the past.
Friends of Jack Hoffman (2008)
Committee to Elect Ann Lininger (2011, 2009)
Kitzhaber 2010 (2010)
Forward with Jefferson Smith (2010)
Friends of Lynn Peterson (2009)
And many others along with PACs like:
Require Local Vote on Urban Renewal (Support for measure 3.388, the scandalous Clack.Co. Commissioners' attempt to derail the citizen measure)

If one is judged by the company they keep, then GM will be judged harshly. Perhaps he thought he was buying himself a place at the table, but it looks more like his past will be something that won't get him anywhere outside the Chamber of Commerce's front door.

It seems citizens are doing their homework quite early in this campaign which is a surprise to many.    We leave it to individual residents to make their own determinations of what the information says.   

Details can be found in the previously reported link Leaving No Doubt.

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends..

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