Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Planning Commission Meeting Update

To All COLA LO Members,

The planning commission held its meeting last night regarding public access to the lake and including this issue in the comprehensive plan.    The meeting had standing room only attendance with overflow into the corridors and hallways of city hall.

Over one hundred citizens signed up to testify before the commission.   During the testimony it became obvious that by a 25:1 margin the public supported not opening the lake up to public access.    Citizens expressed deep concern about public safety, real estate values, privacy,  and property rights.   

It was noted that the Mayor and several city Councilors attended the session and listened to the testimony.  

Increasingly the public asked "who is really supporting this approach to our lake?"  Testimony also focused on the divisiveness that continues to permeate the direction of the issues that are coming to the forefront within Lake Oswego.  

Its an ongoing area of concern within the community.     Many are asking who will bring the community together after the divisive issues that do not seem to conform to the expressed needs of its citizens.   Only time will tell.

Please notify all members, contacts and friends. 

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