Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mayor supports the "Status Quo"?

To All COLA LO Members,

Last night the mayor changed the City Council Agenda quickly and went into a long meandering comment period about supporting the "Status Quo" regarding Lake acccess.  

The revision in the agenda effectively prevented more than 100 attendees from making public comment on the issue.  Many in the audience also noted that there were 3 LOPD officers in the audience.  Something that has not been common in our community but very prevalent since this administration took office.  The reasons why are a source ongoing debate.  

This was an audience of concerned citizens that packed city hall and flowed over into the outer hall area with a streaming video monitor.   May were observing to hear the Mayors comments about ongoing scrutiny of his decision to support the planning commisions comments on lake access. 

It became obvious to anyone attending that this issue was of deep concern to many in the community and the public once again was quite disturbed by the approach of this administration.    In the end though the comments left many in the audience asking "so what is the status quo?".  

What does that REALLY mean given the record of this administration?

The mayor clearly has said he is going to support the planning commission addressing the issue of public acceess to the lake as part of the comprehensive plan and many are waiting to see the outcome of this effort. 

It seems destined for a legal challenge and many beleive the city will be drawn into the legal challenge eventually wasting taxpayer dollars.  Many in the community beleive this issue is actually a personal agenda rather than being a priority that should be a part of core services. 

We urge all citizens to review the webcast when it becomes available on TVCTV at this link.  LO Council Meeting 2/21/12.   

See if you walk away with the question, "so what is the status quo?".

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