Monday, February 20, 2012

City Council to Give Public Access to the Lake a "Green Light"?

To All COLA LO Members,

Well today its been annoucned that the city council has placed the lake access issue on its agenda for its meeting on Tuesday!   Since Mayor Hoffman controls the agenda its pretty obvious that there may be another agenda in play.   

Its just another highly divisive issue thats been taken up by the planning commision and driven by this administration.   

The announcement was brought to us by members reading the LO review online today....Lake Access Floats to the Agenda

In the process its again alienating another large segment of the Lake Oswego community, namely Lake Corporation shareholders and owners of easements on the lake.     At the same time its also pandering to a larger population that either wants access for free or sees the opportunity for large legal fees through litigation of the issue.   If the city doenst say NO its effectively a "Green Light"  under the Hoffman administration.   

At what point will the community just say enough?    Does this sound like another sensitive lands program behind closed doors with most just being awaken to the issue?   At what point does the interest of individual property owners become a core value of this administiration? 

We are receiving a number of emails and calls from members regarding the issue and their concerns over the ongoing direction of the city.  

Is this a "lame duck" program of the Hoffman Administration?  We are being asked this question by members and community leaders.  

It's a sad statement on the ongoing direction and leadership in the city.

Please notify all members, contacts and friends.   

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