Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lake Access Issue - Will the Planning Commission Force a Legal Battle?

To All COLA LO Members,

This week the LO review reported on the recent planning commission efforts to promote public access to the Lake.   

Despite overwhelming oppostion by Lake residents and others it appears the planning commision will continue to move forward with the agenda.    

Its clear that the issue is very divisive within the community and Lake residents will challenge any attempt to promote public acceess.   

However the planning commision continues to move forward with a defined agenda on addressing the issue within the comprehensive plan and also possibly zoning the lake itself for the first time.    One has to wonder what the real agenda is here in terms of taxpayer resources and staff time.   

Many now believe that the agenda is dedicated toward special interests and promoting a legal battle which will drain taxpayer funds from the city.    Naturally the special interests and attorneys will benefit from such a battle at the taxpayers expense.

At what point do personal agendas begin to conflict with community interests?   Thats becoming a question many in the community are now asking as they see an ongoing battle over personal property rights with appointed officials and city staff once again moving in the wrong direction.    Given the disheartening level of divisiveness over the direction of this administration, its becoming clear that this issue may actually galvanize the community.  

The article can be found at: PLanning will Dive Into Lake

Please notify all members, contacts and friends of this critical issue within the community......

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