Thursday, February 16, 2012

Portland Blogger says "No Streetcar, Why not a Bike Path?"

To All COLA LO Members,

A local Portland blog has posted a concept that many in the community have been asking for several years.   Why waste $2 million in streetcar expenditures?   Why not use the effort and the studies to create a bike path on the right of way to Portland?   

What a novel concept.   Why hasn't our City council considered or addressed the issue after spending millions of taxpayer dollars?   Could it be that they don't want to develop a bike path as it would interfere with their long term intent to resurrect the Streetcar?    That's been a common rumor in the community.

However the post ion the blog has some merit and is a good one for many residents to review.   It can be found at:  No Streetcar Means a Bikeway?


  1. Councilor Bill Tierney’s announced that he could no longer support the venture because of financial concerns over whether the project could proceed –however, Councilor Bill Tierney also kept all options open. The option will give a politician an opportunity to embrace again the useless Streetcar to create legacy for himself.
    Clearly, the tax payers’ money can be better utilized supporting struggling tax payers, taking care of pot holes in roads, increasing school funding, extending bike & pedestrian path.


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