Friday, September 5, 2014

Candidates for Council Begin to Release Their Views!

To All COLA LO Members,

There were startling revelations this week as the FIVE candidates began to release their views on the key issue impacting our community.    Some of the revelations weren't that at tall and others seemed to be very enlightening.

The Positions of the Candidates can be found in an article in the LO Review last week at  City Council Candidates  excerpts are included below..........

For example councilor Jeff Gudman refuses to answer questions on Wizers.  While he establishes his priority on infrastructure spending.  On sensitive lands he says basically "he is working on it".

Candidate Ed Brockman supports the Wizer development as the type of development needed for millennials.   At the same time he mentions a quick fix for tree grove requirements and sensitive lands.

Candidate Joe Buck supports the Wizer development.  On property rights: "We need to ensure the rights individuals have to be masters of their property are protected insofar as it affords others their reasonable right not to be unduly impacted by the actions of those individuals. 

Candidate Jackie Manz  On the Wizer Block: "I wholeheartedly support East End redevelopment as a compact retail district. However, while I appreciate the passion behind the current Block 137 project, the scope and scale are out of in sync with the village characteristics of the neighborhood.”

Candidate Matt Keenan says the Wizer block should conform to the small commercial element of the East End planning district.   On spending priorities: "“I think that transportation in Lake Oswego is under a lot of pressure, in terms of regional perspective, to invest in multi-modal transportation. In other areas of the region, I don’t disagree with it. But Lake Oswego currently does not have a whole lot of money, and we do have a street system that needs to be repaired and maintained. So putting our resources toward maintaining our streets should be the number one priority.

Combined the positions of all FIVE candidates present a mixed bag for the voters this fall.   It will be interesting to see which issues are critical to the voting public in 2014.    

COLA will interview all candidates this month and provide the board endorsement as it has in the past several elections.    Stay tuned.....

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.   


  1. Kudos to Review reporter Saundra Sorenson, whose story in last week's paper originally contained these quotes.


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