Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blogger & Former Law Partner Comes out Against Macpherson?

To all COLA LO Members,

In a surprising announcement Jack Bogdanski a former law partner with Mayoral Candidate Greg Macpherson has immediately announced he will not support his candidacy.   

He details his reasons on his blog and cites specific issues of conflict with the candidate.   

This comes as a very real surprise to many of us that may be evaluating the election and Greg Macpherson as an alternative to the current administration in Lake Oswego.

The details can be found at Leaving No Doubt.   

What is even more interesting is the online comments coming in from residents on Macpherson's candidacy.    These can also be found at the above link.  All of this comes as a real surprise to many of us.   

One resident has provided the Oregon State Elections Division site for his campaign so voters can track those individuals and organizations providing funding for his campaign.    The ORESTAR site can be found at the following:  Macpherson Contributions.

All of this will come as some surprise to many Lake Oswego residents who are now asking questions about mayoral candidates and hoping for very real change within the community.  

Please notify all members,contacts, and friends.   

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