Monday, February 20, 2012

Blogger discovers that Urban Planning Blog is coming from Mtn Park?

To All COLA LO Members,

In one of the strangest situations of memory it appears that an Urban Planning blogger is using a Mtn Park IP address to post negative comments and take political positions.  

This was discovered by blogger Jack Bogdanski over the weekend.    

The blogger who posts to Urban Planning Overlord has posted many degrading comments regarding the Bog Blog.  So with some research it was discovered that the blog posting is coming from an IP associated with the Mtn Park HOA as reported by Jack Bogdanski.  

Here is the bloggers posted position on our old friend the Streetcar
 A good idea ruined

Since many of our members reside in Mtn Park, it might be informative to review the Bog posting here:  UPO is in Mtn Park

Online many comments are speculating that the author of the blog is actually a city employee within the planning department.    In any case both bloggers take well defined positions involving issues which will impact the city.  

We thought this information might be of interest to members.    


  1. I am the Real Urban Planning Overlord. Anyone else who claims to be the Urban Planning Overlord is neither a planner nor an overlord. If you find any links to other urban planning overlords, redirect them to the Real Urban Planning Overlord.

  2. This blog is very informative for reading. While the development of the park was always envisioned as a process that would take place over decades, the citizen commission charged with creating and managing the park had originally envisioned opening a more fully developed park.
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