Friday, February 24, 2012

Citizen Challenges Residents to "speak their mind" and Confronts The City Council

To All COLA LO Members,

 This week the LO Review published an insightful article by an active resident challenging us all to voice our opinions and participate in the public process.  The online comments varied but when challenged the citizen directly confronted the Mayor and City Council with a specific example.  

The article Citizens Need to Speak  provides a unique viewpoint. 

The author commented online providing the following details.  

On February 13th Mayor Hoffman met with PRAB,SAB,HRAB and NRAB representatives and agreed to table bringing Lusher Farm into the UGB at this time until the Master Plan has been completed. On February 22nd Mayor Hoffman reneged on this "promise". A complete double cross.
This behavior is what divides our city- not three honest forthright councilors voting for common sense and fiscal responsibility.

This perspective is unique and we urge all members to review the article and make their own conclusions.  

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