Monday, March 5, 2012

Is LO Farmlands Coming into the City the Next Controversial Issue?

To All COLA LO Members,

Last week the City Council decided to apply to Metro to bring the Luscher Farm area into the Urban Growth Boundary and to with the City.   In a 4-3 vote the council voted to apply to Metro and hire a consultant.    

It seems there is deep concern within the community that this will translate into more facilities at the site including playing fields and a tennis center. 

The article printed in the review has some interesting comments:   Council Pushes.

Ironically some of the online comments from citizens continue to question the methods used by this administration. 

 One citizen commented:

This was a 4 to 3 vote, yet this article makes it sound like the full council supported this decision. Why the split vote?
Because Jack betrayed four of his advisory boards, PRAY, NRAB, SAB and HRAB (Parks & Rec Adv. Board, Natural Resources, Sustainability, and Historic Resources). He promised those board chairs that he would delay the UGB expansion for a year, until they had the opportunity to complete the Luscher and Parks master plans.  And Jack has the nerve to blame others for a lack of civility? Machiavelli anyone?

It seems the Mayor continues to receive criticism from an angry citizenry.   We leave it to our readers to evaluate the situation and its merits.   The community seems to be actively reviewing key decisions on the council and will likely do so throughout the election year.   

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends. 

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