Monday, March 26, 2012

Clackistani Revolt Against Streetcar & Light Rail Spreads to Washington County

To all COLA LO Members,

In a very sudden and dramatic event the revolt in Clackamas County spread to Washington County last week.   Voters deeply disturbed by the absence of a public vote on major projects made a dramatic statement to local government.  
The Portland Tribune reports that petitions were filed in four west side cities to require a vote on financing any new rail projects in these cities.   The cities include Tigard, Sherwood, Tualatin, and King City.   Its a strong showing once again of the citizen lead initiative drives to turn back the defined direction of spending without public participation thought voter approved bonding.  

The article Petitions Filed provides additional details.   At the same time a coalition has formed to fight the Trimet budget and a believed bias toward rail over buses.   The details can be found in Coalition.

It seems the LO streetcar issue and its postponement stirred up the pot and created a "Hornets Nest" of citizen driven initiatives across the county with its success..Now that deep resentment of actions being taken by local government has appeared in a neighboring county.   

It will be interesting to see how this impacts local government in Washington County and elections in the fall.  Much of the consternation over recent issues has been about the absence of public approval on large projects and fee/tax increases.

Please notify all contacts, members, and friends.   

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