Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gloves Coming Off in Clackamas County Election & MAX Expansion Battles?

To All COLA LO Members,

It seems the news of the County Election in May and the expansion of ballot measures requiring votes for light rail are gaining attention.    This week a local blogger outlines the actions taken by local politicians in an attempt to counter the revolt in Clackamas County.  

In the blog post Gloves Coming Off in Max Expansion Battle a local blogger outlines the tactics in the Clackamas County Election.   It seems the strategy is to label all supporters of citizen driven initiatives and their preferred candidates as "Tea Party"  while the pro light rail candidates which are approved by the establishment try to position themselves as moderates and avoid addressing their voting record and history. 

Its an interesting political dynamic along the lines of "the empire returns"  fame.   A review of the blog comments provides some insight into the minds of the voters. Their comment's include:

It's kind of amusing that the jammers want to use Tparty as a bogeyman, given that the 70% victory in Clackistan clearly involved a lot of Democrat and Independent votes. So if you voted against the "planners" you're a Tpartier? Too funny!


Dave Hunt, Charlotte Lehan, Martha Schrader, and Jamie Damon have been and are opposed to the entire rebellion in Clackamas County.  They deserve no more than the total of 30% of votes against the Urban Renewal initiative measure that passed by 70%.  However, all of those establishment rail mafia county commissioner candidates reveal nothing about their real selves in the voters pamphlet.
Each and every one of them has created a false caricature of themselves for voters to be deceived.

While COLA LO has taken no position to endorse candidates in the May primary it will be very interesting to see how the county votes given the dynamics involved and the "spin" that is being presented in this round of elections.   Only time will tell the true assessment of the voters in the county.  

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.  

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