Monday, March 12, 2012

Citizen Comments Continue on Occupy Lake Oswego

To All COLA LO Members,

Citizens continue to comment on responsibility for the Lake Access issue and its becoming clear that they are blaming this administration and the Mayor.   There are a variety of opinions but a key comment by the Mayor seems to have become a lightning rod for public attention.

 In a recent article the Willamette Week quotes Mayor Hoffman as saying the following:  —“If there was an Occupy Oswego Lake, what would happen? I just don’t know”—.   

That quote and the article can be found at the following link Occupy Lake Oswego.

Citizen comments on a recent report by the LO Review are decisive.  They are beginning to state that this comment provided the catalyst for action.

One citizen comments: 

Yes I caught that too in the Willamette Week article that Mayor Hoffman actually suggested a "Occupy Oswego Lake". Wow, it sure is a coincidence that right after his "comment" in the WW article the Occupiers now want to actually "Occupy Oswego Lake". Something just doesen't seem right....The voters must be extra careful who they vote into city council and Mayor this coming election- and who is on the planning commission--because many of these folks are truly trying to transform Lake Oswego into a mini-downtown Portland or San Francisco-- streetcars, spending frenzies creating debt, and now Occupiers.... scary!

Koin TV is also reporting on the issue in this link:  Koin Occupy LO.

It seems citizens are actually accusing the Mayor of inciting any Occupy event and questioning his leadership.   It will be interesting to see the public opinion as the issue unfolds.   We leave it to the reader to determine the merits of the online viewpoints.  

Many in the community are now wondering if this administration will begin to protect property rights or allow another Portland driven issue to come to LO.  

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.  

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