Friday, March 30, 2012

Clackamas County Race Heating Up - Is it an "extremist race?"

To All  COLA LO Members,

This week Dave Hunt who is running for Clackamas County Chair told supporters that his opponents are backed by an "extremist " group.    Its the latest effort in an ongoing campaign theme of labeling the opposition as "tea Party" etc.  

Many citizens believe this is just the beginning of the campaign to smear candidates rather than identify strong positions and allow the voters to decide.  

Its quite clear given the success of recent ballot initiatives that the "Clackastani Revolt"  is in high gear as citizens show deep concern over not having the opportunity to vote on tax increases or expensive light rail projects.

The Oregonian published an article this week describing comments made in campaign materials regarding several candidates.    Extremists buying the County Election or Campaign Hype? 

The online comments from citizens once again are insightful as usual.  One comment posted by a citizen states: 

Oh how funny this is. Dave Hunt is so concerned about his county he's running for chair to help stop all the extreme rebellion stuff. After all that can't be good. All those public votes and all. It's best to keep all things as the current commission has the county heading. Just as Metro and TriMet insist. Dave Hunt for the status quo!
But he isn't telling the voters how he is opposed to all of the initiative and rebellion progress.
Or how he'll seek to stop it and maintain Clackamas County as a Portland Colony.

To understand how score the phoniness of Hunt et al one needs only visit their candidate's voter pamphlet statements.

Dave Hunt, Charlotte Lehan, Martha Schrader, and Jamie Damon say noting about their opposition to the entire rebellion in Clackamas County or about their real Portland progressive selves in the voters pamphlet.
They are all deliberately deceiving the voting public in hopes of getting elected under false impressions. No one relying upon the voters pamphlet would have the slightest idea these 4 candidates are no better than any Portland politician and the scoundrels who took over the county years ago. People want change and these candidates are committed to preventing it. By hook or crook.

This will certainly be an interesting election.    While COLA LO has not taken a position on the primary election we can say it certainly is heating up to be an epic battle  of allegations.   The candidates are all relatively well known so it my make for a clearer choice in the fall election.  

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends...

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