Thursday, October 27, 2011

Streetcar Update - TriMet Facing Budget Crisis

To all COLA LO Members,

TriMet now is reporting that it faces a budget gap of $ millions?  

What does that say about the streetcar project and its potential costs and unknown expenses to the city of Lake Oswego?  

Several opponents and council members have claimed that if built,  the City would need to operate the streetcar for 1-2 years before TriMet could take it over.   They also claim that the costs to the city would exceed $30 million. 

At the same time Trimet has reduced the fareless option and is looking at other measures due to increasing costs.  This was before the current budget crisis.  Online comments are not very favorable toward the budget revelation. 

Citizens are now questioning how sound the project would be given the initial $458 million price tag and many unknowns.   This new situation may have further impact on the communities views. 

Details can be found at:  TriMet Budget

The council voted 4-3 last spring to continue funding efforts on the streetcar and spending taxpayer dollars.  

Councilors Tierney, Moncrieff, and Jordan voted with Mayor Hoffman to support the ongoing efforts with the City of Portland and its Mayor Sam Adams.   

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