Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Access to the Lake still an issue - Lake Corp President says Lake Portrayed Wrongly

To all COLA LO members,

The ongoing saga of city plans toward public access to the lake continues.    Previous blog posts show that a current planning commission member is suggesting strongly that the public should have access to the lake.   Its a hot topic within the community right now and many believe the city may actually have plans to allow for public access to the lake through Sundleaf Park or other areas, once Foothills and the street car projects are approved by the existing council. 

The city appears to have spent over $8 million on Sundleaf park.   Interesting that the Parks location is also a prime venue for lake access and central to both foothills and streetcar projects.  

Last Week the President of the Lake Corp issued a response to the claims made by the planning commission member and others.   The details present an official viewpoint of the current owners of the lake.   The article can be found at Lake Portrayed Wrongly  and their web site and contact information can be found at Lake Corp.

Public comment online seems to support the current access but there are many that are commenting against the current situation.   Previous blog posts on the issue are below. 

The public was initially made aware of the issue through Jack Bogdanski's blog although rumors were spreading throughout the construction of the park earlier this year.  It will be interesting to see all of the upcoming discussion on the issue and how it impacts the foothills and street car discussions. 

Mayor Hoffman has met with the Lake Corp and board members but did he say public access would not be allowed and was not part of the long term plan?   Nobody seems to know at this point.  

Citizens want to know the details but as usual the specifics aren't being disclosed. 

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