Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jack Bog claims that LO Review is an "Unabashed Cheerleader for Urban Renewal Schemes"

TO All COLA LO Members,

Jack Bogdanski's blog posted an interesting piece on the Review on Monday.   In the post he claims that the LO Review is unabashed in its biased support for Urban Renewal schemes and the developer Homer Williams.  The post presents some interesting comment and perspective and received immediate comment from the public. 

LO Review Cheerleader

The piece provides for interesting review and is one perspective. The ongoing issue of Foothills and the Streetcar which has been supported by a 4-3 city council vote and millions in city expenditures is of concern to the entire community..   

Residents continue to ask questions on cost, debt, and services.   This is especially true given the recent Tri-met budget woes and the huge cost of the proposed streetcar project.   The answers aren't coming fast enough and don't seem to be detailed enough for many residents.  

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