Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Clackamas County Commisioner Linninger Article Draws Comments from Angered Residents

To All COLA LO Members,

County Commissioner Linninger published another article last week regarding the upcoming ballot measures on Urban Renewal Districts and citizen approval through a vote.    The county commission recently drafted a quick ballot measure to oppose a citizen driven initiative to require a vote for all new urban renewal districts.  

Generally its interpreted that the county commission opposes voter approval of urban renewal districts.   The voter driven initiative would require a voter to approve or substantially modify any district.   These districts are a popular method for elected officials to obtain funding for projects like light rail without any voter approval.  

Commissioner Linninger supports this approach and has drawn the ire of LO residents in the comments on her article on this and one supporting the streetcar to LO.   It appears that she supports the standard party line of elected officials in bypassing voter approval. 

Her article can be found at:   Local Vote or Spin?

Please notify all contacts members and friends. 

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