Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bloggers Expose more Streetcar Issues

To All COLA LO members,
More revelations about long term operating costs and hidden taxes/fees to local municipalities are coming out now in the blogosphere.   Many opponents of the streetcar have claimed that this will be a major issue and its being hidden by the proponents of the Portland to LO project.  

The latest details can be found at:  Streetcar Insanity  and City Digs for Money to Keep Streetcar

The details provide some unique insight into the proposed PDX-LO streetcar and how local governments may be asked to pay for hidden costs as the project matures.    These are legitimate concerns within the community.    The City Council approved moving forward on the streetcar project in a 4-3 vote last spring.   
The consultants are reviewing their cost estimates from the original $458 million and LO residents remain skeptical of the project costs.  Councilors Tierney-Moncrief-Jordan and Mayor Hoffman voted to continue to expend funds and proceed with the project in a highly charged meeting that involved over 100 citizens. 

A survey of public opinion on the streetcar will be conducted soon by the city.  Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.  

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