Monday, October 10, 2011

Foothills Article Draws Significant Public Comment

To All COLA LO Members,

A recent article published by the LO Review promotes the Foothills Redevelopment project.   It claims that the project will provide a very significant return to the city and the developers over time.   The article describes the project and its merits.

However public comment online is strongly against the project and challenges the author and the claims made by the article. Most of the comment asks why if it was such a good project why private developers would not do it on their own without public financing.  

It provides for interesting reading:   Foothills District - Public Questions the project online

Many seem to believe the project is not economic and that if it was private developers would use their own funds to develop the area.   Others are concerned that the streetcar is a requirement to ensure the project is economic.   Some even worry that the area will become like Portland's south waterfront with many developments under sever financial strain.

The continuing use of public funds and funding sources remains a constant concern in most of the comments and competing articles regarding the project.  

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