Thursday, October 6, 2011

Does the City plan to allow Public Access to the Lake through the new Comp plan and Redevelopment?

To All COLA LO Members,

A recent blog post on Jack Bog's site including its link to another forum suggests that plans are being considered to allow public access to Lake Oswego for all.   The references suggest its all a part of an integrated plan through the planning process including code changes under the new comprehensive plan.

The article suggests that the higher density, streetcar, and parks development are all part of a long term plan to bring visitors into the city and allow them access to the lake.   It makes for an interesting concept and a strong debate over property rights as can be seen in comments on the blog.   The blog link can be found at: Lake for everyone?

This week a member of the LO Planning commission strongly suggests in his article that this is the case and the intent over time.    That may not sit well with existing land owners that have access to the lake.  

The article by the planning commission member can be found at:  What's the future access to Oswego Lake?

The author's implied suggestion is that Sundleaf park now represents an investment by the city to allow for public access to the lake, once foothills and the streetcar projects are completed.   Its an interesting point of view and no wonder Sundleaf cost $8.3 million of taxpayer dollars.   

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