Monday, October 24, 2011

LO Review Endorses 3-388 but Online Readers Disagree and Prefer 3-386

To All COLA LO members,

The LO Review endorsed the county commissioner proposed initiative 3-388 and opposed the citizen driven ballot initiative 3-386 last week.   Ironically online readers overwhelming are in disagreement with the  Reviews position.  

Take a look at the online comments by residents regarding the endorsement and they seem to overwhelming believe that 3-386 the citizen driven initiative is designed to limit a flawed system.

The online article can be found here:  Measure 3-388 endorsement

It will be interesting to see how county voters cast their ballots on this confusing set of measures including the county commissioner sponsored initiative that was drafted purely to offset and perhaps confuse voters after the citizen drafted initiative was approved by the county clerk.   The clackamas county commission approved the measure 3-388 only after the citizen sponsored initiative was approved.    Their measure does not require a county wide vote, even though county residents will be taxed.  

A quick review shows that the sponsors of 3-388 have raised ten times the money coming from those that are contributing to the citizen driven measure 3-386.   This is comparable to the recent Vehicle Registration Fee initiative last spring.  

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