Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Article by "Keep Lake Oswego Great" PAC member draws public ire...

To all COLA LO Members,

A recent article by a board member of KLOG drew substantial public comment this past week.   In the article the author states  "A vocal minority of citizens appears to want to change the direction of the recent past".   The article also challenges the facts presented by several groups.  

Online comment was very critical of the article and the author.   Citizens perceive the article as condescending to the community and with a defined agenda.   Citizens online seemed irate about the tone of the letter and the statements made within it.   Here is one example of the citizen response to the article:  

"Karen, I'm sure you're a nice person, even though you write like an arrogant and entitled snob. Your views are naive but well intended, I'm sure. I am not a "vocal" minority, and not a supporter of Tea Party types, or any other political groups.... but in the past few years, have grown frustrated in giving my views to a smiling mayor and City Council, who make it clear that we are wasting our time (and theirs) in voicing any opposition to their agenda. That is why I became active in house to house support of our two newest council people. I am not alone. My neighbors, my coffee group, my wife's book club, fellow church members are fed up. We too, are accountants, MBA's, doctors, school administrators, attorneys, HR professionals, and realtors.  Believe me, you don't represent the majority. The next elections will bring a "balanced, critical thinking" group to LO governance. "

The article can be found at:   We Want.

The KLOG group has endorsed council and mayoral candidates in past elections but not those that represented fiscal responsibility.  This has been a surprise to voters especially in 2010 when the group did not endorse any candidates that were known to be fiscally prudent.

Voters largely ignored the groups endorsement and chose to elect fiscally conservative candidates to the council, effectively removing two sitting council members from office.  This has changed the discussion on the city council in 2011 but not the direction of spending.   

Voters continue to focus on the 2012 election and potential candidates as 3 councilors and the mayor are up for reelection.    

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.

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