Monday, October 3, 2011

Oregonian Article Blasts LO Appointment Selections Process

To All COLA LO Members,

An article released in the Oregonian over the weekend describes the vigorous debate over recent appointments to the Budget Committee.   There was a heated debate over the appointments at the council meeting this month with assertive discourse over the process. 

The Oregonian article can be found at: LO Budget Committee Article

 In a final vote the council approved the appointments with a 4-3 vote despite strong reservations by three city councilors who indicated the appointments were politically motivated by the Mayor with the assistance of other council members. 

 One applicant was not interviewed and was told their application had been lost.   A formal complaint was made by the applicant.  

The former vice chair of the committee was not reappointed as has been the tradition which was noted by one of the councilors.    That vice Chair has run for city council in 2010 and is rumored to be planning to run again in 2012.

During the discussion Councilor Jordan and Councilor Olson clashed with Donna Jordan claiming that "Lake Oswego was not marysville".   The debate can be observed online at the TVCTV link to all council proceedings.

Please notify all members contacts and friends.   

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