Friday, November 2, 2012

Signs of WBO Candidates Being Stolen by those in opposition to Williams, Bowerman, and O'Neill !

To All COLA LO Members,

Throughout the past three weeks COLA Members and volunteer staff have been monitoring the sign placement of the endorsed candidates and their opponents.

 We have documented an increasing frequency of planned and coordinated removal of signs for Williams, Bowerman, and O'Neill  throughout this period.     

We recommend that if you observe any individual removing signs from private property you contact the LO Police Department immediately with a description of the individual on their non-emergency line 503-635-0238.   

COLA Members and friends have actually observed individuals destroying and removing signs from PRIVATE PROPERTY.    Candidates and COLA Volunteers have graciously just replaced the Signs often only to see them removed repeatedly.   

Yesterday the LO Review printed a letter to the editor from one self declared offender:  

"Sorry for letting politics get out of hand
I stole political candidate yard signs from a neighbor’s private property. The signs were for city council candidates Skip O’Neill, Dan Williams, Karen Bowerman and mayoral candidate Kent Studebaker and a sign for LOCAL, the citizen action group.
My actions were not only criminal but even more importantly, my actions interfered with the First Amendment rights of a fellow citizen to freedom of speech and their right to express their political views even though they may differ from mine.
For these actions, I sincerely apologize not only to the person from whom I stole the signs but to all of my fellow Lake Oswego citizens."


Please notify all COLA Members, contacts, and friends of these desperate attempts to interfere with our fundamental right to free speech and vote!!!!!


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