Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bowerman, O'Neill, and Gustafson Win!

To All COLA LO Members,

Karen Bowerman has won the popular vote in the LO City Council race with a stunning upset of an incumbent councilor Bill Tierney.  

 The Oregonian has called the race for LO City Council with COLA endorsed candidates Bowerman and O'Neill receiving the highest number of votes in Lake Oswego.   To his credit Jon Gustafson surprised many with a strong showing placing third in the race just slightly behind Skip O'Neill.  

Newcomer Skip O'Neill seems to have done exceptionally well in his first race with the second highest vote tally.  

The latest update on the race can be found at LO Election Results.  More information form the Oregonians local reporter can be found at LO Council Race.

Once again two relative newcomers overwhelming have won the 2012 election. This is the second election where COLA endorsed candidates won 2 of 3 city council seats up before the voters.   Its clear that citizens are demanding a change in direction from prior administrations.   

The 2013 City Council will now have a majority of fiscal conservatives on the council with at least a 4-3 margin.    Its generally agreed that Kehoe, Gudman, Bowerman, and O'Neill are fiscally responsible.     The remaining two councilors Jordan and now Gustafson have generally supported the "Tax & Spend" direction of prior administrations.  

Another stunning upset may be in the making as Kent Studebaker is narrowly beating out Greg Macpherson for Mayor of Lake Oswego.    That race is too close to call but for many the tight mayors race shows the level of community concern over the past direction of the previous administrations.   Many believed that the overwhelming fundraising and partisan backing for Macpherson would have given him a clear cut victory in the election.    The results are showing something entirely different with approximately 150 votes between the two candidates.  

More news as the race continues to unfold in Lake Oswego.......

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends....

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