Sunday, November 11, 2012

No Wonder Clackamas County Residents ousted the Incumbents!

To All COLA LO Members,

The Oregonian continues to report that the two Clackamas County commissioners  that lost to conservative candidates refuse to concede.

 Its just an other in an ongoing pattern of behaviors that supported the newcomers running for county commission.   

It contrasts dramatically with the LO Mayors race where the candidates conducted themselves admirably despite a very tight race and conceded when the outcome was obvious.    Its clear there are different codes of conduct amongst different types of candidates.  

The details can be found at:  NO concession from Chairwoman.  Its unbelievable that this outcome would come as any surprise to anyone following county politics.  After multiple measures passed from citizen initiatives and the majority on the county commission tried all they could to subvert the will of the voters and refuse them the right to vote.  

Lets just say the conduct was despicable by any standard and the voters recognized this completely.    That's why both Charlotte Lehan and Jamie Damon were ousted decisively despite partisan efforts to rally the base.  

Its a good lesson in what happens when you disrespect the voters and do all you can to subvert their requests.  

Its time for these representatives to say goodbye.    Hopefully the new commission will show a different management style and set of priorities driven by voters.    If they don't we all can now see what happens at the next election cycle.  

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