Thursday, November 8, 2012

Will Greg Macpherson Spend Remaining $16K On A Recount?

To All COLA LO Members,

Today the community is asking itself if candidate Greg Macpherson will spend his final $16K of an enormous level of $52K in contributions to support a recount of the Mayoral election?  

The details of his campaign contributions and expenditures can be found at Greg Macpherson Contributions.    It appears he continues to receive overwhelming support from partisan interests outside of Lake Oswego as reported in the Oregonian.  

Are Jack Hoffman and Judie Hammerstad advising him to finance a recount of the election?   Would this preserve their legacy?  Would it preserve a defined agenda of special interests in Lake Oswego?  

The community is waiting on the decisions and they know the players.   The community wants to know as it appears that the current election will go against Macpherson by under 200 votes in a race which is projected to have voter participation rates over 80% 

Is this a stunning rebuke of a defined agenda that went undisclosed during the election?   The Oregonian published a story which clearly disturbed the voters Only the final results will tell.  

Lake Oswego hasn't seen this level of high drama in many years as the outcome of the election continues to be in flux with Multnomah county reporting this morning and clackamas county this afternoon.   

Will Judie Hammerstad force a recount?   Or have the voters said enough?  Are the wasted millions in taxpayer funds on the WEB, Streetcar, and other projects coming back to haunt the partisan politics of the past?   

How can a political neophyte with limited financial support defeat a professional politician and former representative?  

The facts are stunning in Lake Oswego as we wait on the final results.    In any case it now appears even if Greg Macpherson were to win he will experience a council that has a majority of fiscal conservatives and which saw the majority of its incumbents ousted in the past two elections.   

It's high drama as the voting public awaits the final count and the possible ouster of the political elite in Lake Oswego.    Will there be an enormous change of the direction of the city to account for the mistakes of the past including a $22 million dollar purchase of the WEB and an additional $8 million in expenditures over the past few years?   

Only time will tell but its clear that voters aren't supporting the past in a majority.   

Will lake Oswego follow the direction of Clackamas County in rejecting partisan expenditures which waste taxpayer funds on special interests?  Only time will tell.  

Watch the vote count and the process as  it proceeds.

Will the outcome change? Nobody knows ....Its a stunning set of events that has the community on pins and needles as the final count comes from our county clerks.   

What a surprise!  

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