Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oregonian Columnist Talks "Down" Lake Oswego Real Estate with Support of Mayor Hoffman?

To All COLA LO Members,

This week Oregonian Columnist Steve Duin released an interesting article on LO and its Housing costs.    Basically saying that the only affordable housing supported by the community is for senior citizens.  

In the article he supports low income affordable housing being built in our community and obviously the lowering of real estate values.    He claims this will solve the issue of lower school enrollments.  

Duin Claims Mayor Jack Hoffman supports this conclusion and believes in placing the affordable housing in the Foothills Development project.    The ongoing battle to try to force high density low income social engineering on the Lake Oswego community continues.   

And people wonder why there is so much concern over "Portland Creep" ?  
For some time now citizens have been discussing a deep rooted concern that the current city council is focused on lowering property values in the city to expand the tax base by developing  more affordable high density housing.  This plan is combined with bringing the streetcar to make LO more like Gresham and South Waterfront.

This article can be found at LO Housing Attitude.   The thin veil of suspicion has been pulled off this backroom strategy and its not pleasant.   It begins to show the social engineering plans of the political elite toward our community and the consequence in terms of property values over time.   Resident keep wondering why home values in LO continue to decline despite a very high tax rate and cost of local services.   

Its no wonder when potential buyers believe "affordable" low income housing will be coming to town in a community.    Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.

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