Friday, November 16, 2012

Is it Already Time for the New Council?

To All COLA LO Members,

The outgoing council continues to make decisions on water rates and utilities despite  its "lame duck"  status.   The majority of the council will be replaced in January after the recent election.    Residents are wondering why this council feels the need to raise rates and extend contracts despite the fact its been effectively voted out of office?

This past week the council in a 5-2 vote extended a 10 YEAR contract to allied waste for garbage services,  two years before the contract was due for renewal.   The prior reason stated by the vendor was they would rather deal with this council than the new one.    Bill Tierney received a contribution from allied waste during his run for council but effectively said there was no conflict of interest.  

Details can be found at Council Renews Allied Waste Contract.

The council is also discussing increasing waste water rates again and raising as much as $70 million in fees to support additional investment in the city's waste water system.    This come at a time when most of the new council members were elected on platforms to address the ever increasing water rates in the city.   

Its clear this council is not concerned with the residents strong feedback that water rates are now unacceptable.    Details on upcoming waste water rate increases can be found at Council to increase water rates?  

Residents are wondering if these are the last gasps of an administration trying all it can to raise fees, utility rates, and charges on a city before it leaves office?

Please notify all members, contacts and friends.  

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