Thursday, November 15, 2012

Unofficial Results of LO Election Provide Insight into the Concerns of Lake Oswego Residents

To All COLA LO Members,

The county clerks are still updating the election results as of yesterday but the unofficial final results are done.   A closer look at the  vote in Lake Oswego gives us deep insight into the election and the decisions by voters. 

In the mayors race:

              wac               mc                 total
Kent Studebaker 9161 2 627 97901520.78%
Greg Macpherson 8921 0 717 9638

It appears the final tally will show Studebaker winning as mayor elect by 152 votes or by 0.78% of the total.    A very close race indeed.  

In the council race:
                                             cc                wc         mc                          Total      Pct                  Above    
Karen B.951227361025020.35%1012
Skip O.8700538923818.34%17
Jon   G.86132606922118.31%625
Bill T.  80322562859617.07%667
Dan  W.7436493792915.74%2803
Terry  J.4766360512610.18%
 4705932955036016787 voted

In the council race Karen Bowerman overwhelmingly won the council election, while Skip O'Neill and Jon Gustafson followed closely near each other in total votes.    Far fewer residents voted in the council election than for mayor.    A close estimate is that approximately 2600 residents voted for mayor but under voted in the city council election.   

So where did all the voters go?

The answer is THE BOND MEASURES!


More residents voted on the Library Bond than any other aspect of this election locally.  

  • Almost 2000 more residents voted on the library measure than our MAYORS RACE! 
  • Almost 5000 more votes voted on the library bond than the COUNCIL Race.  

Its clear that residents of Lake Oswego are more concerned about their taxes/fees than anything else in terms of this election.  

That is something for the new council to think about over the next four years.   

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.    

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