Friday, January 13, 2012

Streetcar is Still Alive! ( Rumors of its Demise Untrue?)

To All COLA LO Members,

Yes its true the project continues to be positioned for its resurrection post 2012.    This week the papers are quietly mentioning that Portland's mayor Sam Adams refused to kill the project and plans to position it with a terminus at the Sellwood Bridge.   Adams Keeps Local Streetcar

The same  infamous Bridge where Clackamas County voters overturned a vehicle registration Fee last year to pay for a bridge in Multnomah County which had not been maintained by its owners.   Many say due to excessive waste and spending on non vehicle related projects.    

A fee that proved not only to be unnecessary but also showed that our County Commissioners refuse to allow us to vote on fee/tax increases unless citizens start their own ballot initiatives.  

It is well known that LO Mayor Jack Hoffman coordinates and shares the same beliefs as Sam Adams.   His legacy now seems to be an attempt to bring Portland to Lake Oswego in all forms and the streetcar may prove to be the seminal example of that legacy to Portlandicate the small community of Lake Oswego with the policies of both Metro and Sam Adams.    

The question now is are Jack and Sam once again in closed door session, attempting to hide the long term intent form the voters on Streetcar, hoping the election and public resentment dies down in Lake Oswego?  

Only time will tell if the ongoing effort to Portlandicate Lake Oswego will continue in earnest with the same old or newer players within the halls of local government.  

This at a time when many are open in their comments and asking Mayor Adams to "just leave"  and counting down the days to the end of the administration as Sam Adams has decided (or was told by supporters) not to run for reelection.  

Talk has stirred over the past year about a similar situation with Mayor Hoffman.   

It seems the public may have had enough of the Portlandicate LO effort!

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