Tuesday, January 31, 2012

North Anchor purchase Announcement Draws Ire of Voter Comments.

To all COLA LO Members and Friends,

This past week the City announced the purchase of another property downtown as part of the North Anchor project.   The article and announcement can be found at:  City Secures Second Property.  

The decision without any public input continues to make members of the community quite upset.  

Earlier in 2011,  the city closed a lease/option on the former Lacey's property which was questioned by many in the community due to its cost.  
The property at 525 first street was purchased for $1.18 million.    The price of the last deal was of significant concern to residents who thought it was not only excessive but also had no public input.   The property was 500 first st.

Its just more in the ongoing saga of Urban Renewal expenditures on the East side of LO while the West side residents wonder how the city can justify these expenditures in a difficult economy.   

At the same time a local blogger claims that the Real Estate Developer that promoted the Streetcar is not done with Lake Oswego yet.   The blog post can be found at:   Not Through with Lake O Yet?

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.

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