Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Council Debates Resolution to Limit Lake Access

To all COLA LO Members,

This week the City Council debated resolution 12-12 in an attempt to restrict public access to Oswego Lake from City park property.    Its an interesting twist on what many believe was this administrations invitation to "occupy Lake Oswego"  in public statements and actions.

Many are wondering why the reversal of direction or is it just a way to manipulate and appease an angry electorate?

Only time will tell but its now clear this administration may have done serious damage to its image through its comments.    The details are well known and many citizens now believe this issue was a manipulative attempt to distract the voters from more serious issues, an ongoing theme discussed within the community.  

The discussion last night invited additional controversy as reported to us by citizens.   it seems no matter what the administration is trying to invite conflict. 

Mayor Hoffman's comments once again additional controversy into the city and seem to promote more of a challenge to the Lake Corp.  In the Oregonian the Mayor is quoted as saying:   "To me, it's irrelevant whether the water of Oswego Lake is public or private," said Mayor Jack Hoffman on Tuesday. "That is not the city's concern. The city's concern is city property and its citizens."

The Oregonian has reported on the final vote: Lake Oswego Approves

The online blogs have been reporting on the issue for the past week:   Lake O Gets Ready as is the Oregonian Banning Entry.

Many blog comments are focused on the issue that if the city does pass the resolution it invites legal action.  Only time will tell but its clear this is just another divisive issue that was promoted during the current administration. 

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.

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