Monday, January 9, 2012

Clackamas Light Rail in Peril?

To all COLA LO Members this week the Oregonian published another article on the ballot initiative effort by Clackamas County residents to require a vote on all expenditures for light rail within the county.    

They call the ongoing efforts a "perilous rail crossing"  because if the ballot measure passes it will not allow the county to expend the $25 million in funds it designated for the project.   

Residents are up in arms over ongoing commitments by the county commission which are approved without a county wide vote.  Its been an issue for several years and now is coming to a flash point.    This is the third citizen driven ballot initiative in the county in the past year.    

The Oregonian states : 

"The question for Clackamas County's elected leaders, meanwhile, is how to read constituent sentiments well enough so they don't find themselves dragged to the woodshed following consequential votes. To fall so out of touch with voters would be to defect from democracy, undercutting governance for the greater good. "

The article can be found at: Perilous Crossing
Many would argue that commissioners have already lost touch with voter sentiments by consistently voting against providing for voter approval of major projects and expenditures.   

 Its a continuous discussion throughout the county and a cause of many of the resident driven ballot initiatives.  

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