Monday, January 16, 2012

Oregonian Admits the Streetcar is not Dead

To all COLA LO members,

As the week goes by we begin to receive further insight into the details on the Streetcar decision and voters are seriously questioning the circumstances of the streetcar proposal and its "demise" after Councilor Tierney's disclosure last week.  

The Oregonian this week admitted that the Streetcar is not dead just suspended in its editorial page.   The link can be found at:   Derailed but not Dead

At the same time the online comments on an LOR article show that citizen concerns are very high and they are questioning the integrity of the recent disclosure and the position of at least one sitting City Councilor that revised their position:  Streetcar Really Hitting the Skids?

As one citizen posted online:

"If you believe that Tierney has suddenly gotten an epiphany and made the vote because of what the (vast majority of) LO citizens want, there is this bridge I want to sell you. This guy has not missed an opportunity to be a rubber stamp for Hoffman and his backers on projects and schemes that are against the wished and benefit of us citizens.

Nothing more than a cheesy campaign falsehood with hopes we will not remember all the damage he has done: News flash Bill – We will not forget and we will make very sure you do not sit on the Council next term."

The Oregonian presented the doubts:  Doubts on Streetcar

But Portland Mayor Sam Adams says the project is just "suspended" :   Streetcar in Suspense

That tells most LO citizens that this may be a 2012 election tactic and not a serious decision for the elected officials.    The blogs are buzzing with this view right now as many believe the decision, the surprise announcement, and the statements are all just a little too "rehearsed".

Unfortunately the cast of players doesn't lend itself to credibility these days as potential conflicts abound and public funds have been expended in the millions.  Citizens aren't very happy right now with their elected officials or the situation.  

The question now becomes will the Streetcar and its millions actually change our local government for years to come as citizens realize the consequences?  A revolt has already occurred in Clackamas County and will this now proceed to the local level?  

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.

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