Friday, January 6, 2012

LO resident submits letter to the editor in Oregonian

To all COLA LO Members,

This past week a resident submitted a letter to the Oregonian on the Streetcar.    It proves to be insightful in terms of personal priorities and may represent a broader group of residents in the community.   The letter can be found at:  LO Streetcar

In it the author states:  

"The Oregonian was correct in stating that it's time to "Pull the plug on the Lake Oswego Streetcar." We cannot afford this project. True, some will complain that it will be more expensive to build the streetcar in the future, but there are other priorities that need to be addressed now.

When the hungry in the Portland metropolitan area have been fed, when the homeless have access to safe and comfortable shelter, when the schools have been sufficiently funded, when the physically and mentally ill have access to adequate health care and when our existing infrastructure has been repaired and can be consistently maintained, then and only then should we undertake a streetcar project.

After all, these needs and their consequences if left unattended will be more expensive to deal with in the future, too. "

The letter provides an interesting perspective on priorities with the community.    Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.   

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