Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is Portland Leading the Way for Foothills Development

To All COLA LO members,  

A recent publication shows the Portland vision for housing and it looks a lot like Foothills.    The publication has be interpreted as very anti-detached housing which has been a strong element of the Foothills plan and marketed by our own city council as an affordable way for aging residents to move out of their large homes.  
The official piece by the City Of Portland can be found at Where You Live.

The online blog comments present the official city position as positively Orwellian and can be found here The Next Car Haters target.    

One can only wonder if Foothills will follow in this policy direction as advocated by many of the current City Council members recommend.   The proposal is for high density residences with several stories of living space just like those proposed and developed in Portland.    The concept is they would be more affordable and many would need to be subsidized to comply with section VIII requirements.   

One has to wonder if the days of the large single family detached home are being phased out for Seniors aging in place by large utility rate increases and property tax increases even as home values decline.    This City Council has shown little interest in tax or rate relief for its citizens.  

The ongoing Portlandification by policy and spending of Lake Oswego will certainly be an issue on the minds of voters in the upcoming 2012 elections as residents choose a new Mayor and three City Councilors.  

It will be a very interesting year as LO adjusts to the changes in our community brought about by policies that are driven by influences from Portland. 

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.  

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