Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blogger Gives Advice to LO Residents on Streetcar & City Council

To all COLA LO Members,

This week Jack Bog's blog posted the news about the changing view of city councilors on the Streetcar and Foothills projects.    Throughout the debate on these issues hes provided insight into the relationships involved when light rail and property development come to the community through Urban Renewal tools.  

Its been an interesting period as LO deals with an effort to bring Portland style projects to our unique community.    For two years now the community has been up in arms and a recent survey conducted by the city showed little support for the project with 82% saying streetcar is not a priority.  

This had lead to growing calls for a recall petition to remove the mayor and the three councilors that voted to spend funds on streetcar and Foothills projects over the past two years.   Budget amounts have exceeded $2.7 million during this period on the projects.   

The online comments and advice include:

"You need some candidates who agree with you. Make a big deal of how much money has been wasted for Homer and Dike already. If you allow the condo pushers to hang around on the council, you'll be sleeping with one eye open for a long time."

That provides and interesting perspective for voters in 2012.

The actual blog post and comments can be found at:   LO Streetcar in Critical Condition?

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