Friday, December 16, 2011

Portland Runs Out of Street Funds to Pay for Regional Projects is LO Next?

To All COLA LO Members,

This week the Portland Tribune and bloggers published articles on the direction and expenditure of Street funds in Portland.   Interestingly enough there isn't enough funding for street maintenance given the directive to spend funds on regional projects and mass transit.

This may sound very familiar to residents of Lake Oswego.    Spending on streetcar and other projects has increased while street maintenance funding has been used for other purposes.    Ironically it seems that Portland is leading Lake Oswego but citizens here are consistently commenting on the degradation of our streets while other projects get funding.  

The latest article can be found at:  Street Projects Bump Into Cuts

Blogger comments and posts can be found at:   The Way Infrastructure Crumbles

Ironically the current council has decided to continue to fund millions into Streetcar and other related projects while the street budget was cut in half this year.   

Its a very similar direction to Portland as Mayor Hoffman and Mayor Sam Adams both often see eye to eye on priorities...  It makes us all wonder where it will lead.   We will leave it up to the individual voter to decide.

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