Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blogs are now calling for Recall after the Oregonian Editorial

To All COLA LO Members, read at:

Following the Oregonian editorial on the Streetcar bloggers have jumped on the issue.  Many are now calling for a recall of supporters on the City Council and are very focused on the response in 2012.  

The comments online in both the Oregonian and Jack Bog's blog are strongly supportive of a different direction and the potential for a recall in 2012. 

One of the Oregonian blog posts summarized the general comments in the following way:

"A strange thing happens to some politicians and government officials when they gain control of other people's money; it no longer has value any more. It's something to trade and play with like monopoly money which has no consequences when you do something stupid with it. That's why politicians need to be removed from office before this occurs...apparently, for some officials, the need to be removed from office comes sooner than later. "

Another puts it this way:

"L.O. Resident, I could be wrong about this, but I believe there are many more in Portland who knowing what they know now, would have been on board for the recall here. A recall for both Adams and Leonard might have worked. In Portland, quite a few said they were unable to sign a recall for Adams as they feared Leonard would become Mayor, so who knows why some recalls don't materialize.
I know if I lived in Lake Oswego, I would take one look at Portland and seeing what happened to our once beloved city, I would seriously consider a recall as soon as possible. You do know what color their stripes are, learn from our mistake, don't think it will just somehow get better, perhaps people in Portland did, and look at the mess we have, horrendous debt and loss of quality of a livable place to live in."

The details can be read at:  Pull the Plug  and The O Says.

This presents an interesting environment as our City Council returns in 2012 to deliberate additional expenditures on both the Streetcar and Foothills.   Based on the public reaction it will be interesting to see if the City Council listens to community sentiment or ignores it.  

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends....

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