Friday, December 30, 2011

Bloggers List Lake Oswego and Clackamas County in Top Issues for 2011

To all COLA LO Members,

This week popular local bloggers focused on our community in their end of the year comments.   These included both representation in top issues of the year and a claim of bias on the part of our local newspaper.
Jack Bog's blog listed the following in their top issues of the year:  

"7. Clackistani rebels. Voters in Clackamas County are stirred up by the invasion of Portland-style planning-mania, and they fight back with grit. They defeat at the polls a tax on them for the Sellwood Bridge replacement; they vote to force a countywide vote on future "urban renewal" schemes; and they hang tough against the condo-ization of the east side of Lake Oswego, replete with an utterly delusional streetcar link to Portland." 

Read more at  The year that Was
He also states that the LO Review are:   "puppets of the developers and planners who have wrecked Portland and see L.O. as their next gravy train"    in his post on Big Time Calling Us Out 
It should be noted that few consider Jack Bog a conservative as claimed by the article.   As one subscriber post stated recently 
 "You can't be a Conservative as long as you call us "tighty righties."
It seems Lake Oswego was of considerable interest to a variety of people in 2011.   The New Year may present even more interest.   We live in interesting times.   
Our best wishes for a Happy New Year.  

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