Saturday, September 11, 2010

COLA -LO Polls show a shift in opinion on Candidates & Issues

All COLA LO Members,

On Friday the board began to receive support from a variety of different groups for our electronic poll and our process.    Not only has participation increased but the sentiment of those taking the polls is shifting the results.  

We are observing support for 5 of the 7 candidates and 3 specific issues within the community.   

Prior to this week there was limited participation in the polls as the board had not informed the community at large.   However with the posting last week of the LO Review article and several community meetings, participation has increased by 50% or more.  

Please ensure that as a member you participate in the poll and inform other residents in the community of the polls. 

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  1. Mike is a very experienced businessman who brings perspective and wisdom to the table. A true asset to the City Council!


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