Thursday, October 18, 2012

Status On Fundraising For Your City Council.

To All COLA LO Members,

Big changes continue in the race for your campaign contributions to win election to our city council.  Its time to update ourselves on the supporters for the various candidates for City Council and Mayor.
There are now only 19+ days before the election.

Is a limited group of candidates running away with the election at an early stage in the race?
Its a question residents should be asking themselves as we evaluate the efforts of all candidates. So far the council and Mayoral fundraising races are clearly being won by three candidates.

City Council:

Skip O'Neill ID 15855 has raised $16k.  He also now has a whopping $12K cash balance to spend on the final three weeks of the race. Cash contributions from individuals are now kicking in and he has clearly out raised all the council candidates. He continues to employ a strategy of early self financing his campaign with long term support from individual residents and the fireman's local PAC.

His effort is followed closely by Dan Williams ID 14655 who has now raised nearly $15k from the fireman's local PAC, a business executive, and individuals. He has a cash balance of $2k for the final weeks of the race.

Bill Tierney Summary ID 13233 Who has raised $8K from contributions mainly from utilities, developers, a political party, and local business owners has $5k remaining in cash. Jon Gustafson ID 15868 follows closely behind with $7K in contributions and $3k remaining in cash. Karen Bowerman ID 15921 has raised $5k in contributions and has $4k in cash to spend in the final weeks of the race.    

Mayor: Greg Macpherson Committee ID 15485 has raised an incredible $52K with contributions mainly from attorneys, consultants, state elected officials (Democrats), political consultants, and individuals. He currently has $41K in cash available for the final weeks of the campaign. A recent Oregonian Article summarized his contributors Mayoral Campaign fundraising.

In the article the Oregonian states: "Most of Macpherson’s biggest donations come from outside Lake Oswego, such as $2,012 and $1,000 from Portland lawyers Phil Walsh and Tom Kramer, respectively. Wilsonville resident Danton Wagner also donated $1,000. Lake Oswego resident Caroline Borduin, who is the president of organization Democracy Talking, also topped the giving list with $1,000. Several Democratic politicians donated, including Clackamas County commissioner Ann Lininger, the campaigns of state Sen. Richard Devlin, D-Lake Oswego, state Rep. Tobias Read, D-Beaverton, and state Rep. Chris Garrett, D-Lake Oswego. Denise Frisbee, former Lake Oswego planning director who retired at the end of 2011, donated $600 to Macpherson’s campaign and $150 to Councilor Bill Tierney’s re-election campaign."

Kent Studebaker Committee id 15861 for mayor has raised $26k from Physicians, attorneys, and one city councilor. He has approximately $12K in cash to spend in the final weeks of the election.

Other candidates:

The remaining candidates have very limited or no finance activity and can be found at: Terry Jordan ID 15933 has raised $3k in contributions with $2k remaining to spend. 
We will continue to update members on the fundraising activities of both candidates and PAC's.

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.

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