Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fundraising Report for City Council Canddiates


To All COLA LO Members,

There are now only 9+ days before the election.

It appears a very narrow group of candidates continues to run away with the fundraising race in this election.   There is a very clear winner and runner up.  

City Council:

Skip O'Neill ID 15855 has raised $17k. He also now has a whopping $13K cash balance to spend on the final week of the race. Cash contributions from individuals have been kicking in for some time and he has clearly out raised all the council candidates.

His effort is followed closely by Dan Williams ID 14655 who has now raised nearly $11k from a variety of sources including the fireman's local PAC, a business executive, and individuals. He has a cash balance of  only $3k for the final week of the race.

Incumbent Bill Tierney ID 13233 has raised only $8K from contributions mainly from utilities, developers, a political party, and local business owners has $5k remaining in cash.  This balance hasn't changed much in the past 4 weeks.  Its ironic hes been unable to raise contributions similar to the newcomers O'Neill and Williams,  despite declaring his candidacy much earlier int eh race.  
Tierney is followed closely by another newcomer   Jon Gustafson ID 15868 follows closely behind with $7K in contributions and $3k remaining in cash.  His campaign finances havent changed much either in the past few weeks but his ability to generate contributions has matched him closely with an incumbent city councilor.  
This group is followed closely by  Karen Bowerman ID 15921 who has raised $5k in contributions but now has expended her funds the final week of the race.
Other candidates:
The remaining candidates have very limited or no finance activity and can be found at: Terry Jordan ID 15933 who has raised $3k in contributions with $<1k remaining to spend.
We will continue to update members on the fundraising activities of both candidates and PAC's.

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.


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