Monday, October 8, 2012

COLA Board Releases Endorsement

To all COLA LO members,

Today the Board issued the following press release regarding the city council and mayoral election.

For immediate release:

COLA LO is announcing today its endorsement for the Lake Oswego City Council and Mayor.    This endorsement is consistent with and was based upon our values of fiscal responsibility, core services, and property rights.  

We believe the council needs very real change and this decision cannot be made in a vacuum.   The recent history of the council shows the impact of their decisions on the community and that the costs of these decisions can be enormous in terms of livability, affordability, and community character. 

Solid business and decision making skills are vital to the future of our community and a well performing city council.    The community is concerned about our financial situation and debt levels.   While the current council has focused on land use, legal issues, and visionary projects, we believe a greater focus on fiscal responsibility and more efficiency in the direction of the council is necessary for good governance.   Citizens are deeply concerned about the cost of local government, water rates, the condition of our streets, and poorly performing assets like the WEB.  

For these reasons COLA will endorse for council:  Dan Williams, Skip O’Neill, and Karen Bowerman.  

The office of Mayor sets a defined tone for the council and often the agenda.   The Mayor needs to be well grounded in local issues, exhibit a strong level of participation at the city level, and also actively embrace community input while responding to citizens respectfully.  

For these reasons COLA will endorse for Mayor:  Kent Studebaker.   

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends...

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