Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LO PAC's - Race For Your Contributions to Influence the LO Election!

 To All COLA LO Members,

LO has had a significant increase in the number of Political Action Committees (PAC). Its surprising how many of these groups there are for a city of only 37, 000 residents.
Yet the momentum has shifted over the past two years as more groups formed and competed for taxpayer contributions.  The impact of the efforts of these LO based political action committees is still to be determined but they have clearly been active in the local 2012 elections.  
Lets take a look at the details:
The clear winner in terms of PAC fundraising is LOCAL. LOCAL Summary.   They raised over $27K in donations and now have $10K in cash to spend during the remaining days of the election. Contributions to LOCAL are a whopping 55% of all contributions to PAC's in LO.   They also hold 52% of all the remaining cash of the core PAC's.   

The next winner seems to be YES LOPL Yes LO Public Library ID 15888. They have raised $13K with $2K to spend in cash. Contributions have come mostly from the Friends of the LO Library Fund and two other PACs. So an argument can be made that the fundraising isn't as broad as LOCAL. Mayor Jack Hoffman's PAC ID 13151 and the Oregon First PAC ID 151 have both donated to YES LOPL.

  KLOG - Keep Lake Oswego Great ID 13290  has raised over $8K and has $3K in cash remaining to spend on the election while  LO Stewards -Lake Oswego Stewards ID 14366 has raised $1K and has $4K to spend.

We will continue to update members on the fundraising activities of the PAC's in the future.

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.

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